About me


Hi there!

I’m Joy Cadwising


I believe that “Living the Dream” happens in the kitchen!

At first, cooking was just a part of my job, something that needed to be done to pay the bills. I was making food at home because well, we’re human beings who need to eat!  My full-time job involved cooking, baking, and serving a family during the day. After a long day at work, I would be home and it was there that I was a chef. I guess you could say I was a chef in the evenings and weekends. I wasn’t paying attention and the line between work and play was clearly drawn.  I was also a hoarder of food magazines and was obsessed with the food network shows! I collected cookbooks, reading them the same way others enjoyed reading fiction novels. I treated a cookbook as if it were the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”.

It took me a while to realize that I had the skillsets to excel in the kitchen. My palate grew and my passion for food got stronger. I developed a great respect for the artistry of food and how it should be prepared.  I was surrounded by many people, acquaintances, friends, and families who admired the importance of herbal plants and spices in our foods, as I did.  They too shared my same lust for great food. Frankly, I was inspired and so I decided to enroll in Culinary school. Culinary school taught me the fundamentals, techniques, and gave me a better understanding of ingredients. I immersed myself completely and became so competitive with myself, itching to be better and better. I found that I was at my happiest when I was creating my recipes. People I worked for and my family and friends truly enjoyed my cooking – it was a BLISS!! My work and my life were not separated after all. The line between work and play disappeared and every fresh ingredient I saw was an invitation to create something special. That is how “Cook me Joy” began.

“Cook me Joy” is a channel to share my passion for the bold flavors of spices, herbs, and butter that play the largest role in my cooking and baking which soothes and heals. My goal is to use my experience and give it a little twist. It is my utmost desire to connect to all of you and become immersed in our shared love of food. Cooking is deeper and bigger if we do it together. I hope you will join me, and enjoy with your family and loved ones my joy, my creations, and recipes that helped me become a professional cook. It is also my hope that I may help you, to recognize your passion for great food, just like I did!