My first Recipe Post!!!!

My first Recipe Post!!!!

It is June 20, 2020. I’m happy and excited to mark the beginning of my first recipe post. I would like to give a shout out to all the Dads, Papas’ and Lolos’(a grandfather to us) who is celebrating today. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!  

Also to celebrate my first post, I will be posting a set menu. This menu is rustic, can be prepared ahead of time and easy. Perfect for today and for weekend dinner with family and friends and to those who like to Barbeque and eat outside as I do.

Let’s get cooking!


If you want to read my stories for today’s Recipes and some of my research about their ingredients, continue scrolling down:) but if you want to jump on the recipes, proceed to the next post.

Highlights: Arugula, Cherries, Rosemary

I always like a bold-flavored ingredient, that’s why I choose Arugula because of its pungent and peppery taste. As it gets warmer and hotter, the delicious smelling peaches are irresistible.   For Cherries, if you see em’, better pick em’ and enjoy it now – Two months later, they won’t taste as good. 

Rosemary is a holy grail to me; I use it more than any other plant. If only I could attach my name to plants, I will choose Rosemary.   According to the encyclopedia of herbal medicine, “Rosemary has been used since antiquity to improve and strengthen the memory”. No wonder it is touted as the queen of antioxidant, which Science recently took an interest in it as an antioxidant and to boost cognition. This plant pairs so well with any kind of meat, to flavor vinaigrettes and even a great add on to my tea. You know, I believe it helps in keeping my brains all intact by incorporating it everyday (I think that’s a healthy belief, yeah? 🙂 )

Pound cake, this is the first and funny good memory Cake that I learned to make. My first job in Hong Kong was everything in French. Cookbooks are French, Dictionaries are French… I’m lucky that we could understand each other using our feet and hand. Google was not active as well during that time.  When cooking, the Mrs. tried hard to explain a French recipe to me, she was mentioning QUATRE QUART  (French pound cake) however, I just wrote what I heard “Kath Kath” :).

When I started to create my own recipes, I went back to my old collections and saw “Kath Kath” ( below it, I just wrote the four ingredients flour, eggs, butter and sugar that must be the same quantity, bake for 45 minutes in 350F), This is the first cake that I baked, my foundation in baking cakes.  Soon you will read a “Kath Kath” cake recipe and that’s where it came from.